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Cosmos news

A quick look at news from the big picture Cicada’s wings have an anti-bacterial surface that kills bacteria not by chemicals, but by using a nanopattern made of nano pillars that shreds the bacterial membrane. 🔗 Link

History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme. 20,000 years ago in East Asia there was a Coronavirus pandemic that lasted for generations. It left its mark on the DNA of the people that lived through it. 🔗 Link

Researchers discovered that the light-sensitive protein cryptochrome 4, found in birds’ retinas, is sensitive to magnetic fields and could well be the long-sought magnetic sensor of the migratory birds. 🔗 Link

Weekly wonders

🦋 Insects Brahmin Moth Caterpillar, before and after, looking like it knows the secrets of the universe.
Posted by j3ffr33d0m

🦋 Insects Chorinea Sylphina butterfly showing of its transparent wings
Posted by tokuhirom5673

The creepiest looking bug I’ve ever seen. Thereuopoda longicornis after shedding its skin.
Posted by the_karma_llama