Good morning. This is what happened in the news this week:

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Cosmos news

A quick look at news from the big picture

Researchers were able to re-create a bird’s song by reading only its brain activity, reproducing a songbird’s complex vocalizations down to the pitch, volume and timbre of the original. The study is a first step towards developing vocal prostheses for humans who have lost the ability to speak. Link
The Earth has a pulse. Every ~27.5 million years, our planet has a burst of geologic activity, resulting in volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and floods, according to new research. The last ‘beat’ was 7 million years ago, so it’s 20 million years ’til the next one. Link
Nature is still full of surprises. The Painted Lady butterfly, common throughout Europe, was thought to begin its migration in North Africa. It turns out they start further south, migrating across the Sahara desert – previously thought to be an impossible feat for a butterfly. They perfectly time their migration to coincide with rain, which supplies them with their favourite plants to eat, and favourable winds to push them along. Link

Weekly wonders


🦁 Animals Lemme just *blob* for u
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🦁 Animals Mama elephant and kiddo elephant wading through water hyacinth in Kaziranga National Park 🔥
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🌻 Plants This Is What The Underside Of A Lilly Pad Looks Like
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🦁 Animals Alligator lurking amongst the duckweed
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