Good morning. This is what happened in the news this week:

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Cosmos news

A quick look at news from the big picture If you zoom all the way out from Earth, past the edge of the Milky Way galaxy and keep going, you would see that galaxies group to form gigantic structures held together by gravity and dark matter. They resemble a cosmic ‘web’, with nodes and filaments connecting them. A new article in Nature suggests that these filaments may be turning like vortices, though how they do this remains unknown. Link

The reason why we enjoy the salty taste of a chip or the umami taste of a steak may be because they contain elements and nutrients that are most likely to be limiting for growth when in a natural environment. Steak has lots of nitrogen, which we need for building amino acids but often occurs in low concentrations, and it’s a similar story with salt. It appears that at its most basic, taste is a tool that helps animals prioritise the foods that they need. A new study has given weight to this hypothesis. Link

The Pine Island glacier in West Antarctica is melting at an accelerated pace, which is concerning many scientists. It has an ice shelf which acts like a cork, holding the rest of the glacier in place. That cork is disintegrating under our eyes, which may create a river of ice that could add 1.6 meters of sea level rise by itself. Link

Weekly wonders
🐠 Aquatic Life These slugs eat a species of brown algae to appropriate its organelles, after which they become photosynthetic. Imagine if millions of years from now its descendants have diverged into a huge variety of photosynthetic animal species
Posted by the_karma_llama

An incredible shot of a Sharpear Enope Squid 🦑
Posted by discover_bot

🦁 Animals This moose family has been visiting someone’s backyard
Posted by Fbb_142