Good morning. This is what happened in the news this week:

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Cosmos news

A quick look at news from the big picture

More studies have been conducted into how LSD works. They’ve found that it ‘rewinds’ the brain by helping it to ‘unlearn normal perception’ and form new connections in their place, which may explain novel insights and phenomena associated with LSD trips. 🔗 Link

Since 2010, almost 21 million square kilometres has been added to the world’s national parks and conservation areas, an area greater than the land mass of Russia. 7.84% of the world’s terrestrial surface is now protected and connected, though many estimates say what we must reach 50% to be truly sustainable. 🖇 Link

The Florida panther’s historic territory used to be the entire Southeast of the USA. But they were hunted so relentlessly that by the 1970s, only a handful were left, in the swamps west of the Everglades. Their population has rebounded from as low as 20 back up to 200. 🔗 Link
Female Florida Panther with 3 cubs. Photo by Carlton Ward, Jr.

Weekly wonders
This fish has an expandable and semi-transparent stomach, and it’s last meal (a squid) can be seen inside
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🧠 Philosophy People ought to saunter in the mountains… Awesome quote from one of the greatest pantheists of all time
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🦁 Animals Nature doing its work.
Posted by dabbingboi2020

🐠 Underwater Life just wow
Posted by tie_ya_shoes