Hey guys! It’s been a long time between emails, but we are back in action!

In the last few months I’ve been busy building things for Discover Earth, like our App, Podcast, and a brand-new Chatroom on Discord. They’re all on the same theme as this email – the wonders of the cosmos, so check them out!

Maybe you remember earlier posts like Where Our Atoms Came From and The Fabric of Reality… Going from the blank page to the best possible story takes a while, so it has meant my emails have been pretty infrequent.

So going forward, I’ll send you new posts. But I’m ALSO trialling a new, regular style of email called the Weekly Wonders which you can see below, containing curated news and content.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, so if you want to get in touch just reply to my email. I read every response.

Hope you love it!
Ben McCarthy
Founder @ Discover Earth

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Cosmos news

A quick look at news from the big picture

SpaceX has made history again, by sending astronauts to space in a reused rocket for the first time πŸ”— Link

Discoveries of the oddities of nature help us to solve hard problems. This fish has a transparent skull, and is poised to become a model organism for brain research πŸ”— Link

A new study has found that present-day Mars may be able to support microbial life beneath its surface. It may be feeding on the energy produced when Martian rocks come in contact with water πŸ”— Link

Weekly wonders

🦁 Animals Screw climbing the waterfall, I’ll take the stairs.
Posted by __Dawn__Amber__


🦜 Birds Another morning on the nest
Posted by PhotographyFun

🐠 Underwater Life Check out this crab shedding its shell by way of a process called molting. Crabs have a hard exoskeleton that protects them like a suit of armor. As the crab grows the hard shell does not expand with it, so periodically the crab drops it’s old shell like a bad ex to develop a new fitting shell.
Posted by notfunnyguy92

πŸš€ Space Picture of the surface of comet 67P
Posted by NotARedd-itor