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Cosmos news

A quick look at news from the big picture

When a company sells you a product, they make all the decisions that determine how it is packaged. But as soon as the container ends up in the trash, the responsibility of disposing of it goes to municipal councils. The US producing 82.2 millions tons of packaging waste per year, so this is a major expense. Why is it like this? Maine has passed a new law which passes responsibility of waste back onto the companies that make it. 🔗 Link
Marine scientists have spent last month mapping 30,000 square kilometres of remote sea floor. They found a translucent octopus, a 40+ foot whale shark, and crabs stealing each other’s fish. Pics after the jump: 🔗 Link
The Hubble Space Telescope had a problem with powering its onboard computer, so our “Eye on the universe” has been shut for over a month. The faulty parts have been replaced and Hubble is back in action with new pics. 🔗 Link

Weekly wonders
🐠 Aquatic Life A Long Arm Octopus, photographed in Hawaii
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Young Golden Trevally fish often buddy up with a jellyfish or shark for protection
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Milky Way over the twisted rock formations of the Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness, White Pocket, Arizona
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🐠 Aquatic Life Automated valve
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