Good morning. Quite a bit of climate action happened this week:

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Cosmos news

A quick look at news from the big picture

Tree coverage in Europe has been growing for the last couple of decades, which is expected to beneficially boost rainfall. A new study found that if we continued to convert agricultural land to forest, it would boost summer rains by 7.6% on average. This would mean it will rain 107.6% of the time in the UK 😉 🔗 Link

Canada’s record-breaking heat wave from last week possibly killed 1 billion marine animals, and around 500 people – Climate change is already here. As Canada is among the world’s highest emitters of greenhouse gasses per capita, one can hope the tragedy incites political action. 🔗 Link

It’s always interesting to ponder how our personality arises from physical processes going on inside the brain. For the first time, neurologists have found where spirituality and religiosity might be ‘located’. It’s in the same region that’s implicated with fear, pain, unconditional love, and altruistic and maternal behaviour. 🔗 Link

Weekly wonders
🌻 Fungi  Bioluminescent ghost mushrooms in Australia 💚
Posted by discover_bot

🦜 Birds Osprey wing and claw action as it swoops down to the water to grab prey
Posted by KimCureAll


🦁 Animals Gecko Toes
Posted by OddlyGruntled

🌻 Fungi This is the Parrot Wax Cap Mushroom (Hygrocybe psittacina or Gliophorus psittacinus). I never thought fungi could look like this!
Posted by Charmina143Meeko