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Our r/DiscoverEarth subreddit has grown to 20,000 subscribers!!! πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰πŸΎ

We’ve got a new channel in our Discord chat #macrophotography, which is about spectacular photos of the very small.


Great Barrier Reef will receive another $1 billion in funding, with the intention of saving jobs and environment πŸ”— Link

NASA will name the first astronauts to participate in its Artemis moon mission later this year, which will soon return humans to the moon. πŸ”— Link

NASA planet-hunting mission has passed a major milestone by finding 5,000 possible alien worlds (planets outside of our solar system) in less than 4 years πŸ”— Link

The dropping price of satellites is changing the economics of space. A mission to sample Venus’ atmosphere for signs of life may be funded privately – by a Russian billionaire and his not-for-profit research organisation. πŸ”— Link


🐠 Aquatic Life Meet the Skeleton Panda Sea Squirts, also known as Ascidians πŸ’€πŸΌ
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The mating dance of the male peacock spider.
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🦜 Birds White’s Thrush bringing in LOTS of food πŸ”₯
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🦜 Birds Here we see the mother bald eagle return to relieve the father bald eagle of nesting duty. The mother handles nesting the majority of the time, but the father will come to take over whenever the mother needs a break to go hunt for herself.
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πŸ¦‹ Insects The dead leaf butterfly (Kallima inachus) is a master of beauty and disguise. The species is found from India to tropical Asia and Japan.
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Betelgeuse compared to our solar system 😲
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If an organism evolved to hunt humans via ambush/mimicry like that orchid mantis I bet it would camouflage itself to look like a McDonald’s

@Blackmudpuppy on Twitter, Tweets From Ethan Kocak

Some Facts About Ferns:
They were around long before the dinosaurs.
They call asteroid impacts “unimpressive.”
They have spores instead of seeds, claiming that spores “sound more hardcore.”
They are one of only a few forms of ancient life that never tries to eat Jeff Goldblum.

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If all of the grand, cosmic machinery that spun-up this planet produced only a single Luna moth, I’d call the whole endeavor an unqualified success.

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