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We might have an article published in soon. They’re manufacturers of legal psychedelics in the EU and are branching out into publishing. Negotiations are pending!


A climate-change linked drought in North Dakota has caused local plants to produce fewer and shorter-lasting flowers. For honeybees, this means less honey, which means lower reserves for winter, which means reduced brood production. In isolation, maybe this isn’t so bad. But these bees pollinate California cash crops like plums, apples, and 80% of the world’s almond supply, so consumers can expect soaring costs. Everything is connected. 🔗 Link

India has a new law: “The manufacture, import, stocking, distribution, sale and use of (the) following single-use plastic, including polystyrene and expanded polystyrene, commodities shall be prohibited with effect from July 1, 2022”. In 2019 India led a UN Environment Assembly resolution on single-use plastic products pollution. Now it’s putting its money where its mouth is.  🔗 Link

An Italian fisherman was sick of the illegal and unsustainable fishing methods which were destroying the marine ecosystem outside his village. So he invited some of the greatest marble sculptors on Earth to fashion large statues to sit on the sea floor and tear up immense trawling nets. 🔗 Link


🐠 Aquatic Life A jellyfish called the ‘Psychedelic Medusa’. Credit: NOAA
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🐠 Aquatic Life This ascidian is not from Avatar or outer space. This is a real-life creature from the ocean floor in Tulamben, Bali
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🦠 The Microcosmos What’s inside a drop of blood
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🦠 The Microcosmos A tardigrade on the move. Video by Martin Kaae Kristiansen
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Particular species of cichlids are quite capable of punishing fish that do not behave appropriately. When approaching potential predators, stickleback’s use a distinctive stop – start swimming motion to share the risk by taking turns out the front. But if an individual is reluctant to take the lead, which cheats by hanging back, its schoolmates will refuse to cooperate with it in the future, meaning the stickleback’s recall the identity of malingerers and remember they are not to be relied upon.

Cosmos Magazine Issue 89

Lifehack: did you know you can just buy entry-level textbooks for fields you aren’t familiar with and start reading? No one is stopping you from learning everything, and that is pretty cool.

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